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Patient Stories

You are making a difference

My parents are divorced.  I came to Harmony because my mom was trying to force me to have an abortion. She was threatening to throw me out of the house.  But after seeing my baby on the ultrasound screen, I knew I couldn’t go through with it.  I reached out to my dad, who promised to help.  Harmony gave me the support I needed.”

- Tanya*


My boyfriend and I actually wanted kids, but the timing wasn’t right.  When I got pregnant, my family was very upset because I was the first one in the family to be enrolled in college. They were convinced my life would be ruined.  Harmony helped me make a plan for how to keep the baby and continue my studies.  I worked with a mentor who prayed with me to help rebuild the relationship with my parents.  Now they dote on our little girl.  And I have been able to finish school and am looking forward to attending graduate school in the future.”

- Jacqueline*


To be honest, it never even occurred to me to consider carrying my baby.  I just assumed I was going to have an abortion because I was only dating my boyfriend for a few months.  I am grateful that I came to Harmony before going to the clinic.  I had a pregnancy test and ultrasound. My boyfriend came in with me to see the ultrasound. His reaction began to change my mind.  I realized that maybe we could make this work. We decided to carry the baby.”

- Amelia*

*Names changed for confidentiality