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A Legacy for the generations

A legacy of love

Today I got a call from a local bank, letting me know that we would be receiving a check. One of our dear donors had passed away, and had named Harmony as a recipient on her IRA. 

I knew the donor. She was a sweet, loving woman who cared deeply for the women Harmony serves. She wanted every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to have the support, encouragement, and resources she needed to be able to choose life for her baby. 

I am so very grateful that our donor thought of Harmony when planning her giving. Her generous gift leaves a legacy of love that will impact many lives. We are truly grateful.

Adding Harmony as a beneficiary on your IRAs, or naming Harmony in your will, is an easy way to ensure that your legacy will impact women and their children for generations to come.

Thank you to our donor for her gift of love.