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Leaving a lasting legacy

Help insure that your support continues for the next generation

I have a confession: My husband and I have not yet made a will. For all these years, we simply assumed that if anything happened to either of us, the other got everything. Or if something happened to both of us, the kids would get the house, the beat up cars, the rabbit and the dog.  

But what about the organizations we care about? What about our church? What about Harmony Women’s Care?

It may surprise you to know that most of the staff are donors to Harmony. We believe in this work so much, many of us donate back some of our earnings to support the organization on a monthly basis.  As I think about it, it is important for my family to know that I would want that support to continue, even if I am not around.  In other words, it might be time to set up a will to insure that my family and the work I care about are protected and supported.

How about you? Do you have ministries or organizations you care about? If you do, you might consider including them in your will. By doing that, you insure that your generosity will carry on for generations to come.